P e r s o n a l i t y
# How are you Energized?
1 I'm more comfortable:
doing things for people being with people
2 When doing a task, I tend to:
focus on the goal focus on the relationship
3 I get more excited about:
advancing a cause creating a community
4 I feel I’ve accomplished something when I’ve:
gotten a job done built a relationship
5 It is more important to start a meeting:
on time when everyone gets there

6 I’m more concerned with:
meeting a deadline maintaining the team
7 I place higher value on:
action communication
# How are you Organized?
1 While on vacation, I prefer to:
be spontaneous follow a set plan
2 I prefer to set guidelines that are:
general specific
3 I prefer to:
leave my options open settle things now
4 I prefer projects that have:
variety routine
5 I like to:
play it by ear stick to a plan

6 I find routine:
boring restful
7 I accomplish tasks best:
by working it out as I go by following a plan

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